🆕 What Defines “Modern” CSS Today?

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🔎 Designing Forms
👀 CSS Functions That Might Surprise You
🌐 Defining “Modern” CSS

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🎨 Design

The design manager’s toolkit

Take the best of being a designer and create a durable playbook for handling challenges as a manager

Why designers design forms

Designers make sure policies, products and people are as successful as they can be

🖌️ CSS

A Couple of New CSS Functions I’d Never Heard Of

The article discusses several new CSS functions including light-dark() that simplifies theme handling, xywh() for creating basic shapes

What Exactly is “Modern” CSS?

I was flipping through my RSS feed, noticing how many times “Modern” is popping up in post titles.

CSS Selectors/Combinators Classifier

Organize and highlight CSS selectors and combinators by types.

🧑‍💻 Browser

You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Browser

If we’re agreed that the Web is for user agency, then in order to figure out where the Web goes next we should probably spend some time looking at user agents a.k.a. browsers.

Select element: now with horizontal rules

The select element gets a small but mighty upgrade in Chrome 119, with a feature that also landed in Safari 17.

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