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✨ CSS Blurry Shimmer Effect & Beyond
🚀 7 CSS Blunders to Avoid in 2024
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Did you know you could render (limited) CSS, SVGs, and even HTML in it?!? I didn’t!

CSS Blurry Shimmer Effect

Box shadows are fairly straightforward in CSS: declare the box-shadow property, set the shadow offsets, define the spread, and give it a color.

7 Common CSS Mistakes Junior Frontend Developers Make

And how to fix them…

5 CSS snippets every front-end developer should know in 2024

I believe every front-end developer should know :has() is more than a “parent selector”, the how and why of a subgrid, how to nest with built-in CSS syntax and more.

Big, beautiful, beefy focus states with :focus-visible

One thing I love about the new’ish :focus-visible pseudo-state is that it allows me to create bigger, bolder, and more obvious focus states.

🎨 Design

How should designers code?

You can be a successful designer either way, but I personally believe that software is never built with more attention to detail than when it’s coded by the person who designed it.

Master UI/UX Design with Daily UI Challenges

Advance your UI/UX skills with daily challenges, achievement streaks, and personalized feedback coming soon.

Improve Your Logo Design Skills

So what makes the Master’s logos so timeless? So solid? So beautiful? And how can I learn from their work?

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