✨ Unveil the Magic – CSS Auto-Height Transitions!

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🖌️ CSS

CSS trick: transition from height 0 to auto!

If you messed around with CSS for long enough, chances are you’ve tried at least once to make a transition from height: 0 to auto…

The hanging-punctuation property in CSS

The hanging-punctuation property in CSS is almost a no-brainer. The classic example is a blockquote that starts with a curly-quote.

Drawing Raindrops with CSS Gradients and Masks

I started of thinking I could get away with just using background properties. That enabled me to create the raindrop shape, but creating the highlights was trickier.

🎨 Design

Get more out of design reviews

I’ve reviewed a lot of designs. It’s a sign of healthy team that they share work to be reviewed. When I ran NHS Digital’s weekly design meet-ups I made sure to encourage this as much as possible.

Marbla – an experimental display typeface

Exploring the possibilities of variable fonts to change the mood and personality of a typeface.

🧑‍💻 Dev

Care beyond code: 7 best design practices for frontend developers

As a frontend engineer, it’s actually pretty easy not to think about the design of the project you’re working on.

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Your brand is your greatest asset

With PushBrand, go from idea to brand and fleshed-out design system faster than you can say flexbox. Now in Private Beta. Unicorns warmly invited.

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