🎩 HTML Hacks – 10 Bizarre Tricks That Actually Work

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☠️ Is Flat Design Dead?
📖 Typography in UI
✨ JavaScript Who? Coding with Less”

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🖌️ CSS

You don’t need JavaScript for that

It’s one of the core principles of web development and it means that you should Choose the least powerful language suitable for a given purpose.

Oh No, Overflow!

The overflow CSS property (shorthand for overflow-x and overflow-y) controls what happens when the stuff you put inside a box is bigger than the box itself.

Using :has as a previous sibling selector

I got very excited this week when I finally used :has. The trouble with it has been browser support, which isn’t yet high enough to use it in production code.

🎨 Design

Is the flat design trend finally over?

Designers might be at a crossroads with flat design and more detailed and three-dimensional design elements.

User Interface Typography

This book is about how to do good user interface typography, from basic things and principles to building layout and various design elements.

🧑‍💻 Dev

HTML & CSS for a One-Time Password Input

The design and user experience was considered, like using the arrow keys to move between the inputs and handling “paste”.

10 Weird HTML Hacks

Many of these code quirks shouldn’t work, but somehow they do.

HTML Web Components Are Having a Moment

If you’ve missed the buzz around “HTML Web Components,” then consider these excellent articles.

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