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🦄 This week’s best

Front-End solution: progress indicator

I knew when I set this challenge, there were multiple ways to solve it and I was not disappointed by the diversity in approaches that folks kindly sent to me.

A formula for responsive font-size

This CSS is now part of most websites I make: :root { font-size: calc(1rem + 0.25vw); }

The hidden power of typography

The science behind how design choices influence perception and behavior.

🧠 Fun Fact

The Origin of “Upper” and “Lowercase” – Did you know the terms “uppercase” and “lowercase” come from the physical layout of a traditional print shop? Letters used in printing were stored in cases; capital letters were kept in the upper case while the smaller letters were stored in the lower case.

Setting And Persisting Color Scheme Preferences With CSS And A “Touch” Of JavaScript

There are many ways to approach a “Dark Mode” feature that respects a user’s system color scheme preferences and allows for per-site customization.

How to design icons in Figma

Design should be democratic, that’s why our team refuses to hide the process behind our art.

Accessible Forms with Pseudo Classes

I am going to take you through creating a simple contact form using semantic HTML and an awesome CSS pseudo class known as :focus-within.

From ink to pixel to ink

There’s something about the book, as an object, that managed to survive across all the various societal and technological changes.

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