🔮 Peek into 2024 – UI/UX Trends Redefining Digital Experiences

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🎮 How Assassin’s Creed Revolutionized Parkour in Gaming
🌐 What 2024 Holds for JavaScript Frameworks
🔧 39 CSS Lifesavers

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🎨 Design

UI/UX Design Trends For 2024

Dive into the latest UI/UX design trends for 2024. Take advantage of them to level up your business and strengthen your digital services.

UX and the Feynman Technique

The learning/teaching technique is led by curiosity and as a UX designer, you should be fueled by curiosity.

How do Assassin’s Creed games encourage players to use parkour?

Assassin’s Creed or AC is a franchise built on the idea of a grounded protagonist who can free run and parkour through the environments.

🧑‍💻 Dev

JavaScript Frameworks – Heading into 2024

This time it isn’t about new technology, but refinement. Now that the base is present there is so much more to deliver on.

39 Useful CSS Tools for Developers

From CSS shape generators to CSS resets, these resources increase efficiency and design finesse with ease.

How to Innovate as a Developer – a Roadmap to a Successful Tech Career

I’ve crafted this guide with a focus on equipping you with the mindset, skills, and habits necessary for innovation at any scale

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