😲 CSS Hidden Hero – Why ‘Isolation’ is a Game-Changer!

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🏗️ NeoBrutalismCSS
🧪 Fear-Free Frontend Testing
🎚️ Rethink Interactivity

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🖌️ CSS

The CSS property you didn’t know you needed

The CSS prop that doesn’t get too much attention… but it should! I’m talking about the isolation property!


Design framework that embraces the aesthetics of neo-brutalism in web

🧑‍💻 Dev

Modern frontend testing

Mention “testing” to a frontend engineer, and you may risk triggering PTSD. It has traditionally been difficult to do and offered limited value.

Dropping Radio Buttons

Interesting animation of radio buttons changing.

🕸️ Browser

67 Weird Debugging Tricks Your Browser Doesn’t Want You to Know

A list of useful, not-obvious hacks to get the most out of your browser’s1 debugger. Assumes an intermediate-level-or-higher understanding of the developer tools.

Google – The Web Can Do What!?

Discover how you can enhance your web app’s powers with the web of today.

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