🧠 Devs, Avoid these Top Accessibility Pitfalls in 2024

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🧑‍💻 Dev

Accounting for Internationalization with CSS and HTML

If you start thinking about a global audience sooner, you can avoid having to refactor later.

Git and GitHub essentials: A beginner’s guide

Getting comfortable with Git version control is something all developers need to do.

About subgrid and colored grid lines

With CSS grid, row and column tracks created in a parent grid can only be used to position direct children of the grid container. Subgrid allows sharing all that with nested grids.

The Developer Experience Book

Developer Experience (DX) is all about how easily and effectively developers can get things done.

🧠 UX

The Top Accessibility Errors Found in 2023

TPGi’s accessibility experts have been busy this year, identifying thousands of accessibility errors through manual and automated testing.

When (and why) noise creates churn

Some services have a relatively low time-to-value. For example, you can send an email immediately after signing up to Gmail. Or create an account and book an Airbnb in a single, short session.

🎨 Design

Blur radius comparison

The most common type of blur used on the web and in design tools is Gaussian blur.

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