📐 Gap vs. Margin: Rethinking Spacing in CSS

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🦄 This week’s best

Gap is the new Margin

The margin property of CSS is just a way to push other elements away. It’s very common and doesn’t feel particularly problematic. On the other hand… maybe it is?

Folding the DOM

For years now, browsers have bundled in a surprisingly capable 3D CSS engine! Today I’d like to leverage that 3D engine to perform a neat trick: folding up an image.

Sliding 3D Image Frames In CSS

Creating 3D effects in CSS isn’t an entirely new concept, but typical approaches use additional elements in the markup and pseudo-elements in the styles to pull it off.

Making Disabled Buttons more Accessible

Despite the fact that you may have good reason to disable a button for your users, it’s important to make sure to provide enough context for all users to avoid confusion and good user experience.

🧠 Fun Fact

Box Model Confusion – In the early days of CSS, the interpretation of the box model varied between browsers, notably between Internet Explorer and others. This led to inconsistent layouts until the box-sizing property was introduced, allowing developers to standardize the model across browsers for predictable sizing of elements.

How To Monitor And Optimize Google Core Web Vitals

The three Core Web Vitals metrics don’t only tell you how visitors experience your website but also impact your Google search result rankings.

90% of designers are unhirable?

Here’s the harsh truth: I’ve reviewed more than 1,000 portfolios in my design career so far, and I turned 90% of them down because of one thing — the linear design process.

Disney’s 12 principles of animation, exemplified in UX design

Digital products like apps and websites started as counterparts to print media, offering similar content and functionalities, just in a different medium.

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