🚀 2024 Web Dev Trends – What’s Next for Front-End Pioneers?

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🔨 Master CSS Counters Beyond HTML Lists
🛠️ 5 UI Patterns to Elevate Your Dev Tools
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🦄 This week’s best

Top 10 SVG Pattern Generators

A quick collection of all the very best SVG generators to use in future projects.

Leveling Up: From HTML Lists to CSS Counters

There is a high chance that you must have encountered the ol tag that stands for “ordered list” and is used to create a list of intentionally ordered items.

Web development trends we will see in 2024

There is a high chance that you must have encountered the ol tag that stands for “ordered list” and is used to create a list of intentionally ordered items.

5 essential design patterns for dev tool UIs

UI design is a critical factor that can often make or break a successful developer tool. Whether you’re creating a tool for designers, engineers, creatives, or any other tool tailored for developers, this post is for you.

🧠 Fun Fact

Birth of SVGs – SVGs were born out of a collaboration between different tech giants. The first SVG specification was released by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in 1999. This was a collaborative effort to create a standard for describing two-dimensional vector and mixed vector/raster graphics in XML.

How I Boosted My Productivity While Working on Multiple Projects

As a freelance web developer, app creator, and open-source maintainer, I have to constantly switch back and forth between multiple workflows, such as editing code, designing mockups, and managing to-do lists…

Shades of Grey with color-mix()

Greys. Who doesn’t love ’em? When it comes to building websites, it can be handy having a few shades of grey at your disposal, no matter your colour palette.

How I interview product designers

I’ve been part of the interviewing teams before, but this is my first time being the hiring manager. It’s been quite a learning experience.

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